5 Tips to Summer-Proof Your Phone

Summer’s finally here! Believe it or not but this is the worst time of the year for your gadgets, especially smartphones because they’re with you wherever you go. Moreover, temperature shifts actually influence how your phone functions, so it’s important to protect your phone from temperature swings. We tell you how to summer-proof your phone…

1. Buy a waterproof case
Waterproof cases are not just meant for monsoons but also to protect your phone from heat. You may think waterproof covers look tacky but they’re worth it in the long run. In fact, summer is the time when you plan beach trips and pool parties. If you have a waterproof case, you need not worry even if you accidentally jump in the water with your phone in your pocket. Lifeproof and Dry Case are some good case options.

2. Do Not Leave Your Phone in The Car
You might want to get down from the car for just a few minutes but that’s enough to damage your phone. Remember, if the car is parked under direct sun, not just the car but also your phone will fry. So avoid, leaving it behind.

3. Protect Your Phone at the Beach
Summer is the worst time of the year for your phone, especially if you’re vacationing at a beach destination. The direct heat can badly damage your phone. It’s best to keep your phone away from the heat by covering it with a piece of cloth or switching it off until it cools down. If not, try and avoid using your phone too much, because if the battery heats up, it can drain really fast and leave your phone damaged.

4. Avoid Using Sweaty Hands
Sweaty palms in summers are very common. Make sure you get a good screen protector for your phone’s display, if you don’t want your display to get all greasy.

5. Get an Anti-Glare Screen
This is very useful in summers, as it saves you from turning your phone’s brightness all the way up. It keeps your phone from overheating and also saves your battery.

These are some basic tips to keep in mind for summer but what we’d also recommend is protecting your phone with a Damage Protection plan. At a very small price, you can get your phone covered and be relaxed when you phone needs repair. The OnsiteGo Damage Protection plan covers any physical or liquid damage caused to the phone. It also covers broken, cracked and shattered screens.

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