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Solutions To Your Headphone Problems Featured 

Solutions To Your Headphone Problems

Facing issues with your headphones while listening to your favourite music or playing games? Well, buying a new headphone is not the only solution, especially when you waited enough to buy those expensive headphones. Some of the most common problems with headphones include – no sound, poor sound quality or connectivity issues to name few.   We list down some of the most common headphone problems and solutions to fix them…   No Sound We’re sure, most of us have already experienced this problem and discarding the headphone is the…

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Common TV Problems and What You Can Do About Them Featured TV 

Common TV Problems and What You Can Do About Them

Buying a TV is a high involvement purchase, not only because you spend good money on it, but because you will use it practically every day for at least a couple of hours. However, TVs are extremely delicate, even though you do not look like it, but your television can have multiple problems over time. Some you can attempt to fix, but some require expert care. Here’s a list of common TV problems and what you can do about them. TV won’t power up but the power light blinks There is a problem with…

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