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Tips To Maintain Your Fitness Tracker Featured 

Tips To Maintain Your Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are the best way to keep track of your step counts, heart rate and sleep quality on a regular basis. If you have recently started to use one and have been facing issues with your tracker but don’t know what to do, here’s some help… Fitness Tracker Problems And Solutions   Fitness Tracker And Device Pairing Issues This is a common problem with most fitness trackers. If you have been experiencing this issue too, first check if you have a working internet connection on your device and if…

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Does Your Digital Camera Need an Extended Warranty? Cameras Featured 

Does Your Digital Camera Need an Extended Warranty?

Just like mobile phones or tablets, digital cameras too come with just 1 or 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty. In fact, DSLR’s are more expensive and are a long term investment, which is why you must get it covered. Ever imagined, what if your digital camera breaks down when you are travelling? If you can’t imagine your trips or special occasions without your camera, we recommend you first buy an extended warranty plan. Here’s why… Shutter Error A stuck shutter is a common failure mode for most digital cameras. You know it’s a shutter error when…

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How To Keep Your Earbuds Clean Accessories Featured 

How To Keep Your Earbuds Clean

We all know how dirty our earbuds get after regular use but most of us just end up cleaning it with a wet cotton bud or a dry cloth. That’s not enough! The heat generated from the earbuds in our ears makes them a magnet for earwax, as the heat melts the earwax and settles on to the earbuds. To keep your earphones looking as good as new, you can clean them once a month. We tell you how…

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