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The Best Smartphones With 8GB RAM Features Mobiles 

The Best Smartphones With 8GB RAM

Smartphones these days are not just a calling and texting device, or a multimedia player. The latest smartphone technology allows them to do things that are constantly dimming the relevance of a laptop. After all, there is a reason why they are called ‘smart’ phones. With the increasing number of features, smartphones often tend to fall short of hardware prowess to perform so many tasks without a hiccup. For this, they need the latest single-chip system (SoC) with ample amount of RAM to manage these tasks. Flashback to 2016, a…

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Onsitego In Partnership With Croma Introduces Assured Buyback Features News 

Onsitego In Partnership With Croma Introduces Assured Buyback

Onsitego has partnered with Croma to offer all Croma customers the Assured Buyback program. The service is an assurance to Croma customers that Onsitego will buy the used device at a pre-determined price within 360 days of its purchase. This means that if a customer buys a device from a Croma store and then plans to sell the device post the 6th month of its purchase, Onsitego will to buy the device back. The customer gets a 55% Assured Buyback Value if the device is sold between 6 – 8 months and…

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How To Backup Your Android Smartphone Features Mobiles 

How To Backup Your Android Smartphone

We all know how to use mobile phones but not everyone knows how to take a backup of their Android smartphone. This is very useful, especially when your phone is stolen or if it crashes unexpectedly. If you haven’t taken a backup already, it only means investing in a new phone and losing all your important data. This is why it’s important to enable cloud backups for as many things as possible, so that logging your account into a new handset automatically transfers most of your data. But not everything can…

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5 Best Travel Photography Apps To Use Features Mobiles 

5 Best Travel Photography Apps To Use

When we plan a trip the first thing on our checklist is treasuring memories. This is another reason why smartphones have become our lifelines. It can do just about anything for us, right from clicking pictures to saving them, bringing back old memories and so much more. If you’re a travel bug, you may want to try using one of these apps to give your pictures a magical effect… VSCO A popular photo-editing app, VSCO (free) has an impressive mobile preset and advanced camera controls. Easy to use, you can…

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Tips To Never Run Out Of Phone Storage Features Mobiles 

Tips To Never Run Out Of Phone Storage

How do you feel when you see messages like ‘System storage almost full,’ ‘Storage space running out or the most crucial alert ‘Not enough space’? Gone are the days when phones were only used as an incoming outgoing call device. Now, it holds the whole world for us. From our morning reminders to good night lullaby, it has everything. No matter which device we own, it always seems to run out of storage. But there is a way to get rid of this problem. We tell you how… Delete items…

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