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Oppo K3 Launches In India Features Mobiles Reviews 

Oppo K3 Launches In India

There’s a new camera-centric smartphone in town, one with flagship-rivalling specs, but a price that’s squarely mid-range. We’re talking about the just-launched Oppo K3, which, you’ll be pleased to know, ticks all the right boxes.   Here’s a closer look at what the all new Oppo K3 is like…   Designed Like A Million Bucks Look at it head-on or flip it around, but either way, the K3 does look nice. The 6.5 inch AMOLED display is free of any unsightly notches or ‘hole punches’, and yet, the bezels are…

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How To Maintain Your Microwave Oven Features Microwaves 

How To Maintain Your Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens have become a necessity in every home today due to our busy lifestyles. At just the touch of a button, this appliance can warm food, defrost frozen foods or even cook food for you right from scratch in just a few seconds. The popularity of this appliance has been steadily growing over the years for its efficiency. Since microwave ovens are regularly used, it’s important that you maintain them well. Here are some maintenance tips that will help you keep your microwave working in the best possible condition…

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Common Problems And Solutions In An Android Tablet Features Tablets 

Common Problems And Solutions In An Android Tablet

One reason why people use tablets is because they’re portable, light weight and make great e-readers as compared to laptops. If you are constantly on the go, you will know the importance of a tablet. Just like any other electronic device, tablets show some signs of failure too. You wouldn’t like to hurt your productivity if it stops working.   So we tell you about some of the most common problems that often arise in a tablet and how to fix those problems… Battery Drains Faster Once charged, your tablet…

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Amazon India Summer Sale 2019: Up To 60% Off On Electronics Features Trending 

Amazon India Summer Sale 2019: Up To 60% Off On Electronics

Mobile phones, laptops, tablets, smartwatches, digital cameras and much more, just name it and you have it all available at the best price on Amazon India during the Amazon India Summer Sale 2019, starting today. Here are some of the best deals for you to choose from…

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Review: Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Galaxy S10 Plus Features Mobiles Review 

Review: Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Galaxy S10 Plus

When you speak of the best Android phones in the market, there’s always a constant contender that makes it to the list. While Pixels and OnePlus are relatively new, Samsung Galaxy S-series has always been the line-up to watch out for. Every year, it comes loaded with top of the line specifications, high-end camera and state of the art design and display. This year was slightly special for the Galaxy S-series as it completed 10 years in the market. Which means, the company launched the 10th iteration of its flagship…

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The Best Smartphones With 8GB RAM Features Mobiles 

The Best Smartphones With 8GB RAM

Smartphones these days are not just a calling and texting device, or a multimedia player. The latest smartphone technology allows them to do things that are constantly dimming the relevance of a laptop. After all, there is a reason why they are called ‘smart’ phones. With the increasing number of features, smartphones often tend to fall short of hardware prowess to perform so many tasks without a hiccup. For this, they need the latest single-chip system (SoC) with ample amount of RAM to manage these tasks. Flashback to 2016, a…

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