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5 Signs That Your TV Might Be Failing Featured TV 

5 Signs That Your TV Might Be Failing

Televisions are an expensive purchase and they come with a maximum manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years, which is not enough. Plus, they are delicate and can start to show signs of failure if not properly maintained. Since TV is used practically everyday for hours at a stretch, it is bound to have some issues over time. Some of these issues can be taken care of at home, while some serious issues may need help from a professional.   Here are 5 common signs that your TV might be failing and…

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Differences Between LCD and LED TV Buying Guide TV 

Differences Between LCD and LED TV

Since the much-loved Plasma format of TVs went out of production, there has been some confusion about which format is better for home viewing – there is the LCD and there’s the LED. But before we start comparing the two kinds to decide which one’s better, let’s start by explaining what these terms even mean. Both are hi-def TVs, which means that their quality of transmission will be a great deal better than standard transmission TVs. But is there a difference really? LCD TV, or TVs with Liquid Crystal Display…

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