8 Tips To Extend Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

Tips to follow for a better battery life

5 Ways To Extend Your Phone's Battery Life

We all know how frustrating it is to see your phone’s battery drain too fast, especially when you need it the most. In fact, battery problem is one of the most common thing people face, no matter which smartphone you use. Brands have also heard their customers and are coming out with improved batteries, even using it as marketing feature.  

Here are 8 simple ways to extend your phone’s battery life…

1. Avoid Charging Your Phone Overnight
Did you know that keeping your phone plugged in even after its fully charged can overheat the battery and cause damage. You may think a smartphone is smart enough to stop charging once the battery is fully charged but that’s not true. If you want your phone’s battery to last longer, avoid charging it all night and keep your smartphone charged between 60% and 80%. Once in three months you can let the battery drain out completely and then charge it 100%. This helps maintain the charge capacity.

2. Turn Down The Brightness
Believe it or not but your phone’s screen consumes maximum power, so avoid setting your screen to auto-brightness. It’s a better idea to dim the screen’s brightness or manually change it whenever necessary. Try it and you’ll be surprised to see how much this helps in improving the battery life.

3. Avoid Keeping Your Phone On Vibration Mode
It’s okay to keep your phone on vibration mode for incoming calls but not for messages and other unnecessary notifications, simply because it’s a complete battery drainer. Vibration consumes even more power than ringtones. So go to Settings > Sound and uncheck ‘Vibrate for calls’ if you want to extend the battery life.  

4. Switch Off Bluetooth, GPS And Wi-fi When Not In Use
Keeping the bluetooth, Wi-fi and GPS on for long can also quickly drain your phone’s battery. You can save power by turning them off when not in use. Stay connected to Wi-Fi, wherever possible, as it uses less power than 3G or 4G.

5. Get Rid Of Unwanted Apps
Apps that run in the background can end up being a big drain on your battery. Just declutter your phone’s homescreen and delete those dozen apps you hardly use. On Android, all you need to do is go to Settings > Apps. Select the app you want to disable, and tap Uninstall. On iOS, tap and hold any app, then tap the X in the top left corner. Your phone will not only work faster but also consume less battery.

6. Set it to Automatic Lock
Most phones stay lit for a specified amount of time after you’ve used it, which is a bad idea. This way, you’re unnecessarily leaving your phone to work. Change the settings on your phone to automatic lock, so that it locks itself after a few seconds. Look for an option called ‘screen timeout’ on Android devices and ‘Auto-lock’ on iPhones.

7. Avoid Using Live Wallpapers
It’s a fact that live wallpapers always consume more power than a static one, nearly 5% of the total battery drain on a phone. So if power saving is a priority for you, you may want to use a static wallpaper than a moving one.

8. Say No to Power Hungry Apps
Multitasking on Android and iOS is not really the same, as there’s a slight difference in the two operating systems. iOS freezes the application in its current state, though apps like iTunes and media players will continue downloading or playing in the background. Android operates similarly, but there are higher chances of apps sucking up power more than the iOS.

Lastly, it’s not just the condition of the battery but also the phone that matters. To extend the life of your phone, we’d recommend buying an extended warranty plan. Mobile phone damage is very common with most people, especially after the 1st year of the manufacturer’s warranty. And any repair post the warranty period can cost you quite a bit, so a wise idea would be to buy an extended warranty plan for your smartphone. It covers all the defects that are covered under the standard manufacturer’s warranty. Click here to know more about extended warranty.

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