How To Clean A Pop-Up Toaster

March 19, 2019 Vipasha Pillai 0

They’re extremely useful and a must-have in every home but most of us often forget to clean them. If you regularly use your pop-up toaster, it certainly deserves a regular cleaning. We tell you how…

5 Things Google Home Can Do For You

March 14, 2019 OnsiteGo 0

Google Home knows everything that Google does but the best part is, its interactive and has a voice of its own. It combines machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) with Google’s knowledge to be your personal […]

The Best Smartphones With 8GB RAM

February 27, 2019 OnsiteGo 0

Smartphones these days are not just a calling and texting device, or a multimedia player. The latest smartphone technology allows them to do things that are constantly dimming the relevance of a laptop. After all, […]

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