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How To Keep Your Room Cooler Running Efficiently Featured Small Appliances 

How To Keep Your Room Cooler Running Efficiently

Air coolers are affordable, environmentally friendly and they do a great job of cooling your home even during the worst weather. One good thing about air coolers is that they require minimal maintenance as compared to other appliances. Here are some home cooling tips to try to keep your room cool…  Clean, Check, And Replace Cooling Pads The absorbent cooling pads that line the inside walls of the air cooler are critical to how well it cools your house. These normally will last for a few seasons, but you can…

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The Most Common DSLR Errors and Solutions Cameras Featured 

The Most Common DSLR Errors and Solutions

This quick guide to troubleshooting camera issues will help you understand what to do if your DSLR is no more working the same way it used to or if it’s displaying error codes. Some of the most common DSLR and digital camera issues include…  Spots On Your Photos If your photos contain blemishes and spots, it’s probably due to a dusty lens or sensor. To deal with this you can clean your lens using an air blower or a microfibre cloth. If you still notice dust on your DSLR lens, you may need to…

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5 Common Audio System Problems and Solutions Featured 

5 Common Audio System Problems and Solutions

Most audio system problems are a result of improper, defective, or wrongly connected cables. Audio systems can sometimes be complicated to understand because of those many wires and settings. But the next time you face an issue with your audio system, you need not worry!   Here’s our list of the 5 most common issues people face with audio systems and what you can do to avoid them… No Sound Or Distorted Sound From Speakers If you can’t hear any sound from your home theatre audio system, or if all you can…

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Make The Most Of The Onsitego Festive Offers Featured 

Make The Most Of The Onsitego Festive Offers

With the festive season kicking in, there cannot be a better time than this to upgrade to new devices and appliances. Be it a smartphone, laptop, air conditioner, television, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, home appliances or even kitchen appliances – here’s your chance to visit a Croma store, upgrade your gadgets and grab the best Onsitego deals to protect your purchase and give them a longer life. Up To 30% Off On Large Appliances No matter which appliance you’ve been eyeing, we recommend you buy it now from a Croma…

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Solutions To The Most Common Smartphone Problems Featured Mobiles 

Solutions To The Most Common Smartphone Problems

Think of smartphone problems and some of the most common issues faced by smartphone users include low storage, poor battery life, connectivity issues, etc. But how many of us really know how to fix these smartphone problems? So we’ve listed down some solutions to these common smartphone problems that you can try out yourself… Insufficient Storage This smartphone problem tops the list in Android smartphones because the internal memory of Android devices are not how they appear. For instance, a 32 GB doesn’t mean that you actually get a phone with…

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Tips To Fix A Noisy Microwave Featured Microwaves 

Tips To Fix A Noisy Microwave

Microwave ovens, after refrigerators, are the most commonly used home appliance. Since it is used so often to heat food, some microwave problems are sure to arise after a few years of using it. One of the first few signs of a microwave problem is when the device starts to make strange noises. Has your microwave been making strange noises lately and you don’t know what to do? Here’s how you can fix a noisy microwave.   Microwave Turntable Problem If you think the turntable is the main reason for…

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