Signs That Your Air Conditioner Might Be Failing

Just the thought of not having an air conditioner at home is enough to make you feel exhausted. The last thing you would want is for your air conditioner to fail. But let us tell you that there are ways to spot signs of your air conditioner failing. Wondering how? Let us tell you! Here’s how you can avoid a surprise breakdown…

1. If Your AC Doesn’t Cool
Inspite of keeping the AC on for hours at a temperate of 18°C if there’s no cooling or the AC is slightly warm, then there’s definitely something to worry about. It’s possible that the compressor has failed. This usually happens when you either don’t switch on the AC regularly, if it’s too old or if you don’t get a maintenance check done twice a year.

2. If There is an Unusual Spike in your Electricity Bills
Your electricity bills have been on the rise for the last few months and you have no idea why? Well, the reason for that is definitely your air conditioner. A huge spike in your electricity bill is a good enough hint that your A.C is failing. It’s important to get it checked not only when it needs repair but also when it’s more than a year old. Get the filter replaced and coils cleaned, when the air conditioner starts slowing down. This will make a big difference.

3. If The A.C is Making a Buzzing Sound
Some old air conditioners do make a strange buzzing sound every time you switch it on. But if it’s too loud or starts to get worse with time, then yes, it’s time to get it checked. The strange sound simply means that your compressor may not be working properly, or that the electrical voltage flowing through your outdoor air conditioner is not at its correct amperage.

4. If There is Leakage
On switching on the AC, if it consistently throws out odour and if you find a puddle of water underneath the AC’s condenser unit, it clearly means that there’s an issue with the unit and that it needs urgent repair. So do not ignore it, thinking it’s normal.

5. If The A.C is Too Old
The life span of any air conditioner is over 10 years. If your AC is older and requires major repairs, it is bound to be less efficient. So we wouldn’t recommend spending any more on getting it fixed because it will only keep showing signs of malfunction post 10 years.

Large appliances like air conditioners, TV, Fridge, etc can literally burn a hole in your pocket if there are any last minute repairs needed. Instead, it’s best to buy an extended warranty with the appliance and you wouldn’t have to worry about paying a bomb on repairs. Click here for more information on the extended warranty plan.

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