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Tips To Fix A Noisy Washing Machine Featured Washing Machine 

Tips To Fix A Noisy Washing Machine

Is your washing machine too noisy during the spin cycle? If you notice a constant bumping or scratching sound every time the machine is on, it probably means a part is loose or worn out. If not, there are several other factors for a noisy washer that you can find out about in this article. Washing machines can vary in spin speed from less than 1,000 rpm to more than 1,600 rpm. Spin speed is measured in Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) and refers to the speed at which the drum…

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Ways To Save A Water-Damaged Smartphone Featured Mobiles 

Ways To Save A Water-Damaged Smartphone

It fell in water. The clumsy waiter spilled water over it. You forgot the phone was in your pocket and you jumped in the pool – These are some common instances how most of us end up damaging our smartphones. The first thing we do when we realise that the smartphone is wet is, we freak out, begin to hit all the buttons, switch it off, switch it on and finally blow dry it thinking it will quickly absorb all the moisture. But did you know that blow dying a…

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Common Printer Problems And Their Solutions Featured Laptops 

Common Printer Problems And Their Solutions

Having a printer has countless benefits, though, like any other device or appliance, printers breakdown. One of the most common problems with a printer, most of us have experienced, is the paper jamming issue or slow printing. If you use your printer frequently, we know how annoying it can be to have persisting problems with the printer. Whether your feeder is jammed with paper or you’ve run out of ink, we’ve covered these common issues below with their solutions.   The printer is very slow This depends on what type…

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How To Keep Your Refrigerator Running Efficiently Featured Refrigerators 

How To Keep Your Refrigerator Running Efficiently

No matter what the climate is outside, it’s important for your refrigerator to be perfectly cool as its constantly at work keeping your food cold and safe to eat. But to keep your refrigerator running efficiently, it’s important that you maintain it well. This will not just help keep your food fresh but will also help you save money on your electricity bills and save you from unexpected repair costs.   Here are some tips to follow to keep your refrigerator fully functional and running efficiently…   Check The Temperature…

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5 Signs That Your TV Might Be Failing Featured TV 

5 Signs That Your TV Might Be Failing

Televisions are an expensive purchase and they come with a maximum manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years, which is not enough. Plus, they are delicate and can start to show signs of failure if not properly maintained. Since TV is used practically everyday for hours at a stretch, it is bound to have some issues over time. Some of these issues can be taken care of at home, while some serious issues may need help from a professional.   Here are 5 common signs that your TV might be failing and…

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