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Choosing The Onsitego Mail In Service? Here Are Things To Keep In Mind Features OnsiteGo 

Choosing The Onsitego Mail In Service? Here Are Things To Keep In Mind

Once you have successfully created a service request ID with Onsitego, the field executive will pick your device as per your requested date and time. In case, the field executive cannot reach your location for pick-up, you have the ‘Mail In’ option. Onsitego will send you an empty box at your registered address, which you can use to pack and send your device. A courier executive will then come and pick the device from you and send it to Onsitego for repairs. But before you send your device, here are…

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How To Backup Your Android Smartphone Features Mobiles 

How To Backup Your Android Smartphone

We all know how to use mobile phones but not everyone knows how to take a backup of their Android smartphone. This is very useful, especially when your phone is stolen or if it crashes unexpectedly. If you haven’t taken a backup already, it only means investing in a new phone and losing all your important data. This is why it’s important to enable cloud backups for as many things as possible, so that logging your account into a new handset automatically transfers most of your data. But not everything can…

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4 Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Your Next Laptop Features Laptops 

4 Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Your Next Laptop

Laptops are expensive and a precious investment for your present and future. So, it’s important that you know what to look for in a laptop while buying one and not repeat the mistake you made the last time you purchased one… 1. Looking For The Cheapest Laptop We all like to look for great deals, no matter what the specifications. That’s the biggest mistake one can make. Spending a little extra on a good laptop offering the best specifications and backing it up with an extended warranty plan can make…

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5 Essential Appliances For Singles Features 

5 Essential Appliances For Singles

If you’re a single working professional and living away from home, we understand how much you must be missing home. Not just because you’re staying away from your family but also because of all the luxuries that you had at home. Here are 5 appliances that we think every single away from home should definitely have because it will not only make your life easy but also keep you happy… 1. Toaster This is one appliance that will never let you skip your breakfast. All you have to do is toast…

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How to Make the Best Use of Your TV Features TV 

How to Make the Best Use of Your TV

If you thought TVs can just broadcast TV shows and movies for you, think again! You can now use TV to surf the internet, you can connect it to your mobile to stream videos, photos and music on the big-screen and much more. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection, HDMI port, an HDMI cable and a Google Chromecast. Here’s how you can make the best use of your TV… 1) Connect To The Internet Most TVs are Smart TVs today, which means they’re WiFi-enabled. They have a wireless adapter…

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6 Tips to Make Your Android Phone Faster Features Mobiles 

6 Tips to Make Your Android Phone Faster

Your phone’s performance completely depends on your usage, and not on how long it’s been used. So buying a new phone is not an option if your Android phone is feeling sluggish. Here are 6 easy fixes to make your Android phone faster… Uninstall Unwanted Apps This is the first thing you should do to speed up your phone. Uninstall apps that you don’t regularly use because they run in the background and that gradually slows down your smartphone performance. Update Your Phone Regularly Android keeps fixing bugs, so keep check…

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Answers to FAQs About OnsiteGo Protection Plans Features OnsiteGo 

Answers to FAQs About OnsiteGo Protection Plans

Q 1) I purchased a phone on Amazon last week. Can I buy the damage protection plan? A. Unfortunately, the OnsiteGo Damage Protection Plan has to be purchased on the same day you buy the device. However, you can buy the OnsiteGo Extended Warranty plan which covers all the defects and malfunctions covered in a standard manufacturer’s warranty. The Extended Warranty plan can be purchased up to 6 months from the date of purchase of the device/appliance. Q 2) Are the OnsiteGo plans only applicable on devices purchased online? A….

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5 Best Travel Photography Apps To Use Features Mobiles 

5 Best Travel Photography Apps To Use

When we plan a trip the first thing on our checklist is treasuring memories. This is another reason why smartphones have become our lifelines. It can do just about anything for us, right from clicking pictures to saving them, bringing back old memories and so much more. If you’re a travel bug, you may want to try using one of these apps to give your pictures a magical effect… VSCO A popular photo-editing app, VSCO (free) has an impressive mobile preset and advanced camera controls. Easy to use, you can…

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