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5 Tips to Safeguard Your Smartphone This Monsoon Featured Mobiles 

5 Tips to Safeguard Your Smartphone This Monsoon

The first thing you want to do is think of how to protect your smartphone during rains. Keeping yourself dry is not enough, you’ll also need to keep your phone dry or even a few drops of water can leave your smartphone unresponsive to touch. Here are 5 easy ways to protect your smartphone this monsoon Zip It Up In a Zip Lock Ever found those small packets of silica gels in a new shoe box or in a new handbag? Most of us end up discarding those sachets, don’t…

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#OnsitegoCares Contest Is Now LIVE! Featured 

#OnsitegoCares Contest Is Now LIVE!

The #OnsiteGoCares contest is now open to all on Twitter and Facebook. Contest Question: “Tell us about the most expensive gadget you have purchased till date and what it means to you? Using #OnsiteGoCares Examples: 1. My most expensive purchase has been my iPhone 7, which I gifted myself last birthday. It’s extremely precious to me, as I had been eagerly waiting to own an iPhone the last 5 years. #OnsiteGoCares 2. It’s an LED TV, which I gifted my parents on their 25th wedding anniversary. I spent more than…

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