12 Signs You’re a Gadget Freak

If you eat, sleep, breathe only tech, if you love catching up on the latest gadget trends and if every time you enter a gizmo store you feel like ‘I know it all,’ you surely have a thing for gadgets. We list down 12 signs that can tell if you’re a complete gadget freak…

1. The first thing you do when you get your salary is, start keeping some money aside to buy the latest gadget in town.

2. Your mornings start with reading only tech news.

3. You are one person in your family and friend circle who is always updated about gizmos. Any tech-related news coming from you and they know it’s true.

4. Buying a new phone, TV, laptop, air conditioner, etc is more difficult than choosing the right life partner.

5. You spend days and hours just reading and comparing reviews about the latest tech invention you plan to buy next.

6. You don’t wait for the release date of a film, like you wait for the launch date of upcoming gadgets.

7. When you enter an electronic store, you drive the salesman crazy with your set of questions for the gadget you’re looking to buy.

8. There’s nothing you have just 1 but everything 2, including pen drives, phones, external hard drives, etc.

9. You forget to eat when there’s a gizmo show on TV or a gadget magazine in front of you.

10. The only reason you have Wi-Fi at home is so that you could sit back and watch gadget reviews on YouTube every day.

11. If you believe spending a little extra on an extended warranty plan for your new gadget is a wise thing to do to extend its life.

12. If you are mostly surrounded by less people and more gadgets

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